Facial Therapy Treatment



Non-Surgical Lifts $120 1 Hr.
Refining Wrinkle Therapy $155 1 Hr.
Derma Deep Cleansing $65 1 Hr.
ACNE Sebum Flush (Oil) $65 1 Hr.
Remineralization $70 1 Hr.
Black Heads Silca Scrub $55 15 Min.
Derma Scrub $60 45 Min.
Derma Bleaching $65 1 Hr.
Psoriasis/Eczema (also body parts) $65 1 Hr.
Adolescent Facial Scrub $45 1 Hr.
Masque: (see list below) $35 15 Min.

Anti-Aging Program



Glycolic Acid Exfoliation $185 1 Hr.
Facial Complex Clarifying $100 1 Hr.
Collagen Packs $55 45 Min.
Refining Wrinkle Control $60 45 Min.
Liposomes Treatment $65 1 Hr.
Mediterranean Cover $45 25 Min.
Tightening and Lift Therapy $75 1 Hr.
Eye and Neck Therapy $50 20 Min.
Holistic Stress Trigger Points $45 45 Min.

Seaweed fortifying, Azulen, Chlorophyl tightening, Placental Nourishing,Volcanic mint collagen, Bleaching,Purifying pineapple aroma, Revitalizing, Anit-blemish, Anti-acne, Regenerative,Clarifying masques: Your clinical Aesthetician will analyze and design a treatment advising you on the appropriate masque for you.

Collagen Treatment Layering

This skin builder application  is enriched with a soluble  collagen fibers which improves  skin elasticity and firmness,  which also delays any visible  formation of new wrinkles.


Ampules skin Clarifier

Our ampules treatments is concentrated containing the properties to act directly on the epithelial tissue, stimulating the layers of the skin to decrease the deep wrinkles and increase the production of new elastin.