Chinese Pedicure 1 hr.

Our Hydrotherapeutic pedicure is a holistic approach to reestablishing wellness of the total body’s flow of vital energy balance. The paramedical pedicurist will perform the arts of Reflexology, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Color therapy, along with five therapeutic Masques to the feet…it’s an incredible feeling you don’t want to miss!


Paris bath $35
Hydrating Derma DIp $15
Reflexology $35
Myotonology (wrinkle reducer) $25
American wrap (soothing) $25


Tanning 1 Hour $65

Glogannis Sunless Tan body wrap is the authentic “As seen on T.V.” Sunless tan wrap that protect your skin from the sun, and still have that natural glow.  The body is exfoliated with a aroma sea salt formula, and hot towels, wrapped in a golden tan.

All brand-wrapped manually.  No UV lights or spray tanning.




Weight Loss Therapy 1 Hour $65


The slenderizing Flush weight loss is a VAPOROMATHERAPY program that consists of 18 essential oils and hot seam.  The Flush also helps relieve indigestion, depression, aches and pains.  The oils flush toxins from the body, aids the body in metabolizing fat, cellulite, eliminates blockage and prevent weight gain!